Our Team

f1Dr. Irina Chubarenko, Dr. Sci., Head of Laboratory for Marine Physics, Project Lead

Develops and implements the research program; co-ordinates efforts in field, cameral, laboratory, and numerical work; plans, organizes, and participates in data sampling and laboratory experiments.

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f2Dr. Vladimir Gritzenko, Dr. Sci., Head of Ocean Geography Department, Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University, Leading Researcher

Supervises laboratory and numerical investigations.


f3Dr. Andrei Bagaev, PhD, Senior Researcher

Develops and implements an integrated unit for the numerical model aimed at analysis of microplastics migration, performs computational analysis, participates in data collection of micro plastics samples.

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f4Dr. Mikhail Zobkov, PhD, Senior Researcher

Elaborates methods for microplastics determination and implements analytical procedures into laboratory workflow. Creates, calibrates and maintains field sampling equipment for ongoing marine cruises, supervises and participates in data collection of micro plastics samples, performs statistical analysis of field data.

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f5Dr. Artem Mizyuk, PhD, Researcher

Develops and implements an integrated unit for the numerical model aimed at analysis of microplastics migration, performs statistics and reanalysis.

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f6Dr. Natalia Demchenko, PhD, Researcher

Conducts field and laboratory data analysis, performs map conversion process using ArcGIS software, prepares mapping products, and creates input files for numerical simulations.

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elena_e_esiukovaDr. Elena Esiukova, PhD, Senior Researcher

Participates in data collection of microplastics samples, performs a cameral treatment, analyzes the qualitative and quantitative composition of the microplastics, and assesses the anthropogenic contamination of sandy beaches.

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f8Dr. Natalya Stepanova, PhD, Senior Researcher

Her topic is hydrophysical conditions and thermohaline structure of the Baltic Sea, analysis of field and numerical data.

f9Igor Isachenko, M.Sci., Researcher

An exceptional laboratory experimenter. Develops physical models of microplastics motion depending on their shapes, verifies hypotheses and semi-empirical predictions.

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f10Olga Lobchuk, M.Sci., Junior Researcher

Participates in data gathering of microplastics samples, assists in laboratory experiments and field data treatment, analyzes the qualitative and quantitative composition of the microplastics.

f11a Lilia Khatmullina, MS, PhD student, Leading Engineer

Talented designer of laboratory experiments with microplastics of different shapes, enthusiastic participant of oceanographic cruises and data sampling.

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f12aAleksei Grave, MS, Leading Engineer

Develops new instrumentation, provides technical and IT support, maintains sampling equipment and instrumentation, performs IT development and ongoing technical support for MARBLE project web site.

f13Margarita Bagaeva, BA, Translator

Along with proofreading of scientific papers, contributions, conference presentations and project documentation, she takes a significant part in laboratory experimentation and field data gathering.

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irinaEfimova Irina, MS, PhD student, Junior Researcher

Participates in carrying out laboratory experiments with various types of plastic, processes the obtained data.

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