Andrei Bagaev

Andrei Bagaev, PhD, Researcher

Andrei Bagaev

ResearcherID:    K-5373-2016

Scopus ID: 57189266640

ORCID: 0000-0003-4018-7642


1. Personal data

Name                   Andrei Bagaev

Date of birth       04.02.1984

Mob.                   +7 (978) 7678184



2. Research fields

geophysical fluid dynamics, marine microplastics, numerical modelling

3. Language skills

English (fluent); Russian (native)

4. Other skills:

Python, C/C++, FORTRAN, Linux, QGIS, MPI, REGEXP

5. Education:

Marine Hydrophysical Institute of Ukrainian Academy of Sciences, Sevastopol, 2006-2012 : PhD, physical oceanography

Moscow State University, Black Sea branch, Sevastopol, 2001-2006: Specialist, Mathematician/System Programmer

6. Selected publications (after 2010):

  1. van Sebille E., Aliani S., Law K.L. et al. (2020) The physical oceanography of the transport of floating marine debris. Environ. Res. Lett. 15 (2020) 023003.  (open access).
  2. Chubarenko I., Efimova I., Bagaeva M., Bagaev A., Isachenko I. On mechanical fragmentation of single-use plastics in the sea swash zone with different types of bottom sediments: Insights from laboratory experiments (2020) Mar. Pollut. Bull. 150, 110726
  3. Efimova I., Bagaeva M., Bagaev A., Kileso A. and Chubarenko I.P. (2018) Secondary Microplastics Generation in the Sea Swash Zone With Coarse Bottom Sediments: Laboratory Experiments. Front. Mar. Sci. 5:313.  (open access).
  4. Bagaev, A., Khatmullina, L., & Chubarenko, I. (2018) Anthropogenic microlitter in the Baltic Sea water column. Marine Pollution Bulletin 129 (2), 918-923.
  5. Chubarenko, I.P., Esiukova, E.E., Bagaev, A.V., Bagaeva, M.A., Grave, A.N. (2018) Three-dimensional distribution of anthropogenic microparticles in the body of sandy beaches. Science of the Total Environment. Vol. 628-629, pp. 1340-1351.
  6. Chubarenko I., Esiukova E., Bagaev A., Isachenko I., Demchenko N., Zobkov M., Efimova I., Bagaeva M., Khatmullina L. (2018) Behavior of Microplastics in Coastal Zones, In: Microplastic Contamination in Aquatic Environments, edited by Eddy Y. Zeng, Elsevier, 2018, Pages 175-223, ISBN 9780128137475,
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7. Reviewer

  • Marine Pollution Bulletin
  • Oceanology
  • Science of the Total Environment
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