Sergei Fetisov

Sergei Fetisov, MS, Junior Researcher


Web of Science ResearcherID: AAA-7600-2022

ORCID: 0000-0002-6471-3646

ResearchGate:  Sergei Fetisov

РИНЦ AuthorID:  1135105

1. Personal data

Name                     Sergei Fetisov

Date of birth          08.12.1992

Address                  prospect Mira, 1,

236022 Kaliningrad, Russia

Mob.                      +7 909 790 66 54



2. Present position:

Junior Researcher, Laboratory for Marine Physics, Atlantic Branch of Shirshov Institute of Oceanology, Kaliningrad, Russia

3. Research fields

marine microplastics:

  • environmental monitoring;
  • physical and dynamical properties of MPs;
  • MPs migrations in sea coastal zone;
  • mechanical fragmentation in swash zone;

marine litter:

  • micro/meso/macroplastics in marine environment;


  • field measurements;
  • numerical modelling;
  • machine learning;
  • artificial neural networks.

4. Language skills

English (basic); Russian (native) 

5. Education:                              

Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University, Kaliningrad: PhD, 2019-2022, Earth Sciences (Specialty: Oceanology);

Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University, Kaliningrad, 2010-2016 (Specialty: Mathematics, Computer Safety);

6. Research Projects:

2022-2023: Boundary conditions for problems of transport and fate of microplastics particles in marine environment (Russian Science Foundation, project № 19-17-00041-extension; participant)

2019-2021: Boundary conditions for problems of transport and fate of microplastics particles in marine environment (Russian Science Foundation, project № 19-17-00041; participant).

2018-2021: Litter rim of the Baltic Sea coast: monitoring, impact, and remediation. ERA.Net RUS Plus Call 2017, project № 429 (RFBR via grant No.18-55-76001; participant) (Germany, Estonia, Russia).

2020-2021:  Application of artificial neural networks to the development of a forecast system for the anthropogenic marine litter wash-outs to the beaches of the Sambian Peninsula (The competitiveness program of the Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University for 2016-2020 (project 5-100); Project lieder)

7. Selected publications:

Peer-reviewed Journal papers and book chapters

Chubarenko I., Esiukova E., BagaevA., Isachenko I., Zobkov M., Bagaeva M., Khatmullina L., Fetisov S. Microplastics particles in coastal zone: Approach of physical oceanography, In: Microplastic Contamination in Aquatic Environments: An Emerging Matter of Environmental Urgency. Second edition. Edited by Eddy Y. Zeng, Elsevier, 2024, Pages 249-310, Paperback ISBN: 978-0-443-15332-7, eBook ISBN: 978-0-443-15333-4.

Chubarenko, I., Bocherikova, I., Esiukova, E., Isachenko, I., Kupriyanova, A., Lobchuk, O., Fetisov, S., 2023. Microplastics in sea ice: A fingerprint of bubble flotation. Science of The Total Environment 164611.

Fetisov S., Chubarenko I., Esiukova E. Analysis of the meteorological and hydrophysical factors of massive wash-outs of marine litter to the shore of Sambian peninsula (the Baltic sea). Processes in GeoMedia – Volume V. 2021. ISSN 2197-9545.

Fetisov S., Chubarenko I. Marine Litter Stormy Wash-Outs: Developing the Neural Network to Predict Them. Pollutants 2021, 1, 156–168.